Screen Shot 2014-07-19 at 15.52.28The 2-Section YH-02 press and blow machine can produce two different articles at the same time with the help of independent electronic section controls provided that the weight differences of two gobs coming from the same feeder is not more than 20% Y&H can provide the glass producer with the

Necessary layouts, technical information, and Technical field assistance for installation, commissioning, training and production where necessary.

The advanced all-in-one design of YH-02 section enables production of all press & blow articles automatically and the production data for each article can also be stored electronically to provide quick job change.

Maximum article diameter : 148mm

Maximum article height : 300mm with moile
Adaptors (inserts) to run 5” and 6” glass forming moulds are also provided together with 7” mould holders.

Machine speed
700-800gr ~ 5 cuts / min.

sec2600-700gr ~ 7 cuts / min.

400-500gr ~ 8 cuts / min.

300-400gr ~ 9 cuts / min.

200-300gr ~10 cuts / min.

Product Range
All kind of tumblers
Pitchers (without handle)
Tall-ware articles
Large-ware articles

Y&H has been in the process of developing Greenfield, modernisation, capacity expansion and SEQ (speed, efficiency, quality) projects for the glass world since 1995 by offering A to Z expert services from feasibility studies to production of glass.





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