For Complete YH-02 Model 7-inch

Press & Blow Production Line (18-Section)










Feeder Mechanism designed for high speed gob forming with consistent weight, uniform temperature, shape and gob feeding into the YH-02 model 18-section press & blow glass forming machine.

A-1) Control System

* The feeder is controlled via programmable logic device (PLC) with keyboard and data display via LCD and storage of variable, article dependent data on a data carrier.

* Within the control system, logic linkages are provided without wiring to prevent connection faults.

A-2) “144 Type” Deep Spout Casing and Support Assemblies

“144 Type” standard spout assembly including cast iron body spout casing , refractory spout, burners, burner manifolds and one (1) complete set of refractory material.

A-3) Plunger Mechanism

The plunger mechanism is driven by a servo motor which is controlled from the feeder’s control panel. Customized electronic plunger cam profiles for different parameters of stroke length, stroke beginning, end and speed can be selected at any time during operation.

A-4) Revolving Tube Mechanism

Applicable for tube sizes from 5 inch to 7 inch with a rotating speed of 0 to 20 rpm, driven by an AC motor, and controlled by frequency controller.

A-5) Servo-Electric Shear Mechanism

Two (2) servo-electric shears consisting of two arms which are driven by two independent servo motors controlled from the feeder’s control panel.

Emergency safety system opens the shears automatically during power failure.

A-6) Lincoln Lubrication System

Automatic lubrication of feeder mechanism components is done with Lincoln pump and injectors.

A-7) Plunger Lubrication System

System is equipped with special pump and oil-cooler for high temperature lubricant.

A-8) Plant Site Service Requirements

* Compressed air for cooling revolving tube min 300kPa: max. 50m3/h
* Compressed air for cooling shear blades min.550kPa : max. 5.5dm3/cycle
* Fan air for cooling motor and drive belt : min. 450m3/h
* Fan air cooling bearing drive shaft : min. 450m3/h
* Softened water for shear blade coolant : 0,003dm3/cycle
* Softened water for cooling plunger motor : 240dm3/h
* Softened water for cooling shear drive motor : 2*240dm3/h
* Water for oil cooler : 300dm3/h
* Total electrical connected load : 11kW
* Mean average consumption : 7kW


The 18-Section press & blow machine will run with a maximum speed of 125 cuts per minute.

B-1) Major Machine Components and Systems

* Gob delivery mechanism

* One set of gob delivery equipment (scoop, trough, deflector) with water-jacket

* Main body with air, oil-water distributor, air regulators, cam drum, push-up drive system

* Two Lincoln lubricating systems with safety feature for gob delivery, take-out etc. and press and blow machine sections

* Hydraulic pump lubricating system for main bearing

* Gob reject system for non-working sections

* Ware reject Systems

* Electrical machine brake system with air and motor brake

* Emergency stops in 30 angular degrees at speed of 125 pieces per minute with pedal and gate systems

* Auto-synchronization with numeric control servo-drive system and PLC

* YH-02 machine
* Machine conveyor
* Burn-off machine
* Burn-off machine take-out conveyor
* Cross conveyor

Servo-motors are included. One drive supplied for each motor. Line voltage is 3-phase, 400V, 50Hz. Eight (7) drives can be installed in one cabinet. Cabinet and motor protection is IP54.

* Ware transfer / frequency inverter control (3-phase asynchronous motor is included)
* Stacker / pneumatic cylinders with PLC control

* Two-stage push-up mechanism

* Tall-ware mechanism

* 8-arm take-out mechanism (normal and inverting) with automatic emergency safety system

* Remote control for advance/retard on take-out jaws

* Two-piece take-out arm

* Triple compressed air-cooling manifold on the take-out for footed-ware

* Water shields

* Blank mould acetylene system

* Adjustable neck-ring lever mechanism

* Mould arm rod cooling system

* 7-inch mould holders and adaptors for 5-inch and 6-inch moulds

* Electronic cams

* Computer controlled (PC)
* Software electronic cam interlocks prevent damage
* Cam positions are graphically displayed
* Reduced job change time
* Cam settings can only be changed by authorized personnel
* Different job settings/values can be stored in the memory
* Cam settings change be changed while machine is in operation


* Press head-up and blank-mould down cam
* Water cam
* Blow-moulds closed cam
* Blow-head cam
* Low blow-air on cam

B-2) Machine Conveyor

It is used for transferring the article from YH-02 model 12 section P&B machine to Burn-Off machine and from Burn-Off to Cross Conveyor including:

> Adjustable side cooling (compressed air)
> Wire belt
> Drive system (motor, reducer and variable speed)
> Adjustable height

B-3) Plant Site Service Requirements

* Softened mould cooling water max.0.5 French Hardness: 2kg/cm2, 3m3/h.
* Liquid soap dosage pump for mould cooling : 5kg/cm2, 3 Lt/h.
* Gob delivery mechanism cooling water : 3kg/cm2, 1m3/h
* Fusion water (not soft): 3kg/cm2, 5m3/h.
* Compressed air (dried) : 3.2kg/cm2, 45m3/min (heavy bottom and big diameter footed-ware production)
* Compressed air (dried) :3.2kg/cm2, 37.5m3/min (80 pieces per minute standard article production)
* Compressed air tank (5m3), air regulator and filter
* Compressed air for machine conveyor cooling :3kg/cm2, 0-8m3/min
* Fan air for neck-ring cooling : 800mm wc, 15.000m3/h (heavy bottom and big diameter footed-ware production)
Fan air for neck-ring cooling : 300mm wc, 8.000m3/h (80 pieces per minute standard article production)
* Acetylene : 3 tube/day
* Electricity :18kW, 380VAC, 50~60Hz


36-(thirty-six) spindle burn-off machine for moil (rim) cutting of article produced by 18-section YH-02 model press & blow machine.

Maximum ware size is 150mm Ø x 300mm Tall.

C-1) Major Machine Components and Systems

* Rotating spindles with vacuum chuck

* Numeric control drive assembly

* Spindle raising cam

* Special gas-oxygen distributor

* Vacuum distributor

* Four central lubrication systems for gas-oxygen distributor, mechanisms, spindles and main gear bearing

* Gas, air, oxygen regulators

* Gas-oxygen valves and mixers

* Spinning moile supports with adjustable height moile cam

* Special device for vacuum chucks to prevent article loss and to easy article loading

* 36 units of gas-oxygen burners and moil centering ring

C-2) Automatic 8-Arm Loader

Loader designed to pick-up article from the glass forming machine conveyor, invert article and load it into the burn-off machine’s spindle vacuum chuck. The loader includes one set of quick change tongs & tong inserts and a mechanical drive from burn-off machine with timing flange for synchronization of burn-off and loader.

Loader is equipped with height adjustment feature.

C-3) Disc Take-out

The disc take-out transfers burned-off article, finished edge down, from burn-off machine to the take-out conveyor with special transfer mechanism to reduce article loss. The take-out is mechanically driven from the burn-off drive.

C-4) Take-out Conveyor

Take-out conveyor transfers articles from burn-off machine to cross conveyor.

C-5) Plant Site Service Requirements

* Natural gas (~8500 kcal/m3 ) or LPG, main pipe pressure: 0.9kg/cm2
10-20m3/h consumption is foreseen depending on glass composition, wall thickness etc.
* Oxygen (gas purity : min. 95 % ), main pipe pressure: 1kg/cm2
15-30m3/h consumption is foreseen depending on glass composition, wall thickness etc.
* Compressed air (dried) :3kg/cm2, 45 m3/h
* Vacuum : 500 mmHg, 450 m3/h
* Acetylene : ~1 tube/day
* Electricity : 7.5 kW, 380 VAC, 50~60 Hz


D-1) Major Components and Systems

* Ware transfer is used for the transition of articles to the cross conveyor.

* Cross conveyor continuously moves in front of the annealing lehr.

* Stacker is for pushing the articles from the cross conveyor to annealing lehr.

D-2) Service Requirements

* Electricity : 4.5 kW, 380 VAC, 50~60 Hz


* Supervision for installation and commissioning of electronic feeder will be conducted with one (1) Y&H technician for 7 days.

* Supervision for installation and commissioning of YH-02 18-section machine will be conducted with two (2) Y&H technicians for 10 days.

* Supervision for installation and commissioning of burn-off machine will be conducted with one (1) Y&H technician for 10 days.

* Period beyond above-mentioned man-days will be charged.

* All traveling, accommodation and living expenses concerning above-mentioned Y&H Technical Field Assistance will be charged at cost.


YH-02 model 18-section press & blow production line is designed to produce the below-mentioned automatic glass tableware articles with the following processes and article dimensions.

F-1) Product Range

> All kinds of tumblers
> Vases
> Saucers
> Bonboniers with cover
> Footed-ware and footed-ware for stretching
> Pitcher without handle
> Tall-ware article
> Large-ware article

F-2) Production Processes

> Standard Paste Mould
> Hot/Solid Mould
> Footed-ware
> Footed-ware for stretching
> Tall-ware
> Large-ware
> Tall & Large ware (same article)
> Bottom engraving

F-3) Article Dimensions

> Height (minimum) : 85mm
> Height (maximum) : 300mm (with moil)

> Diameter (minimum) : 25mm
> Diameter (maximum) : 148mm

> Foot diameter (minimum) : 40mm
> Foot diameter (maximum) : 80mm

F-4) Production Efficiency

Production efficiency of pre-agreed percentage within pre-agreed days of line operation after start-up can be achieved with the glass forming moulds and production assistance to be supplied by Y&H.


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