Producing articles with having bigger diameter has become possible with YH-02. The maximum article diameters that can be reached with standard 5″and 6″ P&B sections are 100 mm and 124 mm respectively. However the maximum article diameter that can be reached with YH-02 is 148 mm since it has been designed to 7″ as standard. Moreover, with the advantages of blow mold holder inserts, it is possible to produce the articles which require 5″ and 6″ mold holders only by changing the inserts but not the mold holders. To have this special feature, blow mold block has been completely changed.
Another advantageous modification is that neck-ring assembly used in YH-02 enables to use of bigger neck-ring in diameter compared to standard P&B machine sections. Therefore, Ø94 mm blank mold can be used instead of Ø74 mm blank mold utilized in standard sections, which results in formation of articles with big diameter (large-wares) easily and also ~5-10% increased quality and efficiency



With the remarkable modifications, plunger and blank mold cylinders’ strokes have been increased. Today, 25 mm longer parison in comparison to standard section can be formed. Especially in the production of tall-ware, short parison causes many production faults like non-uniform parison elongation, bottom faults, un-homogenous thickness (causes burn-off problems), mold mark etc. Also in the footed-ware production, forming the stem table can be difficult. YH-02 uses long parison as a standard. With the aid of this special feature, the parison elongation is more controllable for the production of the long articles. By minimizing above mentioned production faults, the quality of the production can be increased.


image5With the advantage of using longer parison, tall ware articles with a height of 300 mm (with moile) can be produced

YH-02    Standard Section
Standard parison length (h)   169 mm      144 mm

The blank mold port designed in compatible with 7″ on YH-02 can be switched to 5″and 6″ by just changing the inserts but not the complete holder.

YH-02 P&B section is 100% compatible to standard P&B machine frame. Also 5″, 6″ and 7″ production can be made. The modifications made on the section parts are as follows;




a) Neck-Ring Mechanism

The height of the neck-ring line and the article axe are the same as the standard section. Since the neck-ring diameter has been designed according to 7″, relatively all the parts of the neck-ring mechanism have been modified. Therefore, the parts of the standard sections can not be used in YH-02 neck-ring mechanism. Neck-ring air clack has been designed as remote control. With Index scale adjustment supplied, adjustment can be made by the operator easily. Neck-ring lever leaving position is adjustable.





b) Plunger Mechanism

The stroke of YH-02 plunger cylinder has been increased 25 mm in comparison to standard section. Since the length of the cylinder is increased, section frame upper bracket has been taken 20 mm above. Cylinder air cushioning system is made from rod instead of covers. Plunger cylinder air inlet is now better controlled by using new type air manifold buffer. Silicon seal is used for cylinder cover seals and with rod strippers, 100% sealing is provided. The down-speed of the plunger has been increased by using quick exhaust valve and made adjustable with speed adjustment valve placed on the down exhaust of the cylinder.




On the head that plunger rod passes, by using fixing wedge, it is provided to tighten the cooling pipe with one wrench easily.

c) Blow Mould Mechanism
Blow mold block has been designed according to 7″ mold holder. Therefore, it is different than the standard section. It is not possible to use 7″ mold holder with standard section. When the diameter of the mold holder increases, it crashes the take-out finger when it is open. When long mold is used, molds crash the standard section’s blow mold block.

To eliminate above mentioned problems, mold holder centerline, mold holder links, opening and closing bracket, link buffer, lever arm and galley bracket have been re-designed.
Standard section’s parts can not be used in blow mold mechanism of YH-02. Mold holder has been designed with insert to mount 5″, 6″, 7″ molds.
The advantageous features of YH-02 mold holder in comparison to standard P&B machine mold holder are as follows;

* The diameter of mold holder shaft has been increased. (for better bearing)

* The number of mold holder lubrication inlet has been increased to two (for better lubrication)
* Mold holder bushing contact surfaces have been ceramic coated.
* To prevent the mold holder problems in hot/solid mold type production, mold holder have been designed as water cooled.

image9d) Two-stage Push-up Mechanism
YH-02 comes with a two-stage push-up mechanism specially designed for footed-ware production with high efficiency, speed and quality.


e) Blank Mold Mechanism

The stroke of YH-02 blank mold cylinder has been increased 25 mm in comparison to standard section. Port height has been increased 25 mm by taking the port mounting surface down. Relatively, blank mold orbital cam is elongated.

Cylinder air cushioning system is made from rod instead of covers. New type air manifold is mounted on the air inlet. The up-speed of the cylinder has been increased by using quick exhaust valve, which enables to increase the speed.
Blank mold port has been designed to use 5″, 6″ and 7″ blank molds. During the job change, it is enough to change just the inserts. Standard section parts can not be used in this mechanism.

image10In standard section, when the blank mold goes up, it presses the neck-ring console. But in YH-02 when the cylinder goes up, there is 0.9 mm clearance between cylinder and neck-ring console. When it goes down, there is 1.4 mm clearance between bronze bearing and the cover. Therefore, cylinder is prevented to make hard impact on the sensitive mechanisms in both directions.


f) Blow Head Mechanism
Blow head mechanism has been designed according to 7″. The diameter of blow head is bigger than standard section blow head. Blow head distance has been designed according to standard section short type plunger ring holder. Therefore, standard long type plunger ring holder can not be used. Security clutch has been added to system. Some of the standard P&B machine parts can be used in this mechanism. Blow Head Arm Locking System is remotely controlled. Locking latch has been taken to neck-ring level that the operator can use it easily

image11g) Kiss Plate
Air, water and oil connections with machine frame and section are made through kiss plate. When the section is connected to machine frame, previously mentioned connections occur by the contact of the plates.

h) Lubrication
Lubrication of YH-02 is made by injectors. 80-100 kg/cm2 oil pumped by the Lincoln pump located on the air chamber comes to the injector through the kiss plate. Therefore, perfect lubrication is assured extending the lifetime of the section.


image12i) Plunger Locking System
Pneumatic plunger locking system is added different from standard P&B machine.

j) Galley Arms
By using bronze bushing with all of the galley arms, the lifetime of the galley arms is extended. Additional oil connection to the bottom galley arms from the bottom is made.

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