image001Main Function

Floating mechanism is designed and manufactured especially for the production of kitchenware and big-size table ware. With this mechanism it is possible to change the moulds without stopping the machine even if the mould weight exceeds 50 kg.


Mould centering can be completed in a very short time easily and only once during job change and will not be needed again during production.
There will not be any scratch or deformation on plunger, ring or mould equipment as these can be centered all together via guides.
Floating mechanism has a horizontal movement. along a distance of 10 mm approximately. In this system the mould centers the shell-ring and shell-ring centers the plunger via elastic male and female guides.
Clearances let by the mould, plunger and shell-ring form a whole at the end of this centering operation and the pressing operation is performed at this very moment.


Floating mechanism is used in the press machines running with a speed of 3 to 30 cuts per minute, and a gob weight of 1OOgr to 3,000gr.

Packing Info

The weight of the mechanism itself is approximately 150 kg.

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