Company Profile

September 2012

Vision: To be followed in the world

Y&H Map

The place of the head office and the assembly workshop. To navigate the map, click on the image


Y&H is proud of its experienced employees who are bringing the
technological culture of Turkish glass industry and young
employees who are adding the dynamism.

  • 11 Engineers
  • 7 Specialists
  • 26 Technicians /Operators
  • 5 Designers
  • 5 Staff
  • Temporary field force up to 140 specialists at plant sites.
The Crew

The Crew



The Crew

The Crew

The Crew

The Crew

Y&H Assembly Workshop

Y&H Assembly Workshop


 The Project Advantages with Y&H

Y&H has the engineering and production know- how to provide the glass producer with the assurance and comfort to maximize production performance (quality-efficiency-speed) safety and ease of operation starting from the first day of glass production.

The Field of Activity 

Y&H has been in the process of developing

  • Greenfield (new investment)

  • Modernization

  • Capacity Expansion

  • SEQ (speed, efficiency, quality) 

Increase Projects for the glass world since 1995.

Y&H objective is to achieve performance leadership in
meeting customer requirements
by doing the right things right the first time for
• Technological,
• Easy,
• Economic,
• Flexible and Safe
Glass Plant Operation.

Y&H is offering a wide range of expert services
to the glass manufacturing industry
• from feasibility studies to production of glass
with proven glass engineering and
production background coming from
technological culture of Turkish glass


  • Glasstec, Düsseldorf – Germany
  • Glasstec, Düsseldorf – Germany
  • China Glass, Shanghai – China


Project Feasibility Study

  • Technological Aspects
  • Investment Items
  • Production Planning
  • Operating Costs
  • Environmental Considerations

Project Cash Flow & Rate of Return Analysis

  • Plant Engineering
  •  Overall Plant Layout
  • Basic Design Engineering
  • Detailed Design Engineering
  • Plant Instrumentation and Control

Project & Procurement Management

  •  Project Planning & Organization
  •  Schedule Control (CPM)
  •  Quality Control
  •  Specifications for Machinery,
  • Equipment and Materials
  •  Quotation Analysis

Technical Information (Know-how)

  • Raw Materials, Handling & Storage
  •  Batch Preparation & Glass Composition
  •  Glass Melting, Refining & Conditioning
  •  Boosting System
  •  Bubbling System
  •  Glass Forming

Technical Information (Know-how) 

  •  Transport of Products
  •  Annealing
  •  Cold End Inspection
  •  Glass Processing
  •  Automatic Decoration
  •  Laboratory & Quality Control

Plant Engineering & Procurement Management

  • Soda-lime and Borosilicate Glass Tableware

  • Container Glass

  • Float Glass

  • Sheet Glass

  • Figured and Wired Glass

Technical Field Assistance (TFA)

  •  Batch Plant Construction
  •  Furnace Construction
  •  Glass Forming Machinery Installation
  •  Training
  •  Start-up
  •  Production / Glass Forming
  •  After Sales Service for Machinery and
  • Equipment


Plant Audit Programs

  • Professional plant site survey
  •  Recommendations for SEQ (speed, efficiency, quality) Increase
  • Audit report

Upgrade & Reconditioning Services

  •  Press-Blow Machine
  •  Burn-off Machine
  •  Glazing Machine


Automatic Packaging Systems

  • Glassware Palletizing System
  •  Robotized Painting Systems