Main Function

The loader takes the article from the conveyor I turn table and loads to up head of the 36-spindle stretch machine or
30/36-spindle burn off machine.


6-Arm Loader is driven either from the stretch machine or from the burn off machine with mechanical adjustable universal joint.
6-Arm Loader height adjustment is made . by air motor or manually by hand.
6-Arm Loader rotates counter-clockwise. Loader should not be run in the clock…wise direction. It is driven by direct · shafts (universal joint) from the stretch machine or burn off machine.

The cam follower arm guides the tong unit into position for loading and unloading.
The cam allows ‘the tongs to track the spindle chucks along the spindle radius during transfer.
Note that the tong inverts the ware, as it moves into the load position. For loading the burn off machine from the stretch machine turn-table, a special top cam must be used.
A top follow cam supports the cam controls and guides the tongs. The tong expanding cam moves tongs to suit the machine station’s path.

A tong-opening pin trips the star wheel valve to open the tongs. The tong-closing pin trips the star wheel to close the tongs.
The tong opening and closing control valve located on the star wheel valve adjust the speed (cushion) of the tong closing.

Shipping Info

Net Weight: 950 kg.

Gross Weight: 1.270 kg.

Box Dimensions (em): 1.34 x 1.34 x 2.00

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